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Mold Testing Lab Services and Reports

MoldREPORT™ helps mold inspectors answer the question – "Is there a mold problem here?" The mold lab report is fast, easy to understand, and inexpensive.

Charts and comparisons help you quickly understand the data from your mold samples. MoldREPORT™ is specifically designed so you can easily send your mold lab report to your clients, saving you valuable time. Using MoldREPORT™, it's convenient and cost-effective for you to communicate your lab results to your clients. Available in English and in Spanish.

See the difference! Download PDF sample lab reports below.

MoldREPORT™ Spore Trap analysis
  Report includes identification of fungi present, quantification to spores/m3, and an assessment of background debris.

MoldReport Spanish
MoldReport Tabular Plus
Tabular Spore Trap

MoldREPORT™ Other Particles analysis
  Analysis is available as a supplement to the MoldREPORT™ Spore trap analysis (above). Report includes identification of biological particulates other than fungal spores, quantification to particles/m3, and a general assessment of background debris.

Tabular Other Biological Particles

MoldREPORT™ Direct Exam analysis
  Report helps you determine if spores present indicate mold growth OR are simply a mix of spores coming in from the outside (normal fallout). If mold growth is present, mold analysis includes identification and a qualitative assessment of the amounts present.

MoldReport Spanish
Tabular Direct Exam
How to understand Direct Exam results

Tabular Quantitative Direct Exam analysis
  Report includes identification to genus (i.e., group) of all fungi present, quantification to spores/cm2.

Tabular Quantitative Spore Count

MoldREPORT™ Culturable Air Fungi (includes Asp. spp.) analysis
  Report includes identification of fungi present and quantification to cfu/m3.

Tabular Culturable Air Fungi

Allergen Screen
  Allergen ELISA analysis for the following: Cat allergens (Fel d1), Dog allergens (Can f1), Cockroach Allergens (Bla g1), and Dust Mite Allergens (Der p1 and Der f1) in household dust.

MoldReport Allergen details
Tabular Allergen ELISA

Additional Analytical Services

Our parent company Eurofins EMLab P&K offers a full range of Mold, Asbestos, Bacteria, Allergen and Radon services. How can we help you?

Online Laboratory Services

MoldREPORT™ also offers online laboratory services through Eurofins EMLab P&K including:

LabServe – Online customer service 24 hours a day anywhere you have Internet access. LabServe saves you valuable time in data management and report writing, while creating a secure archive of your projects and reports.

Online Store – Purchase mold testing supplies and equipment.


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