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How To Submit Mold Samples For Lab Analysis

  1. After performing your mold sampling, complete a Chain of Custody (COC) form for each project submitted to the laboratory. The COC documents possession of the sample(s) from collection point to receipt at the laboratory and communicates all the necessary information required by the laboratory. Most importantly the lab needs:

    • – Your contact details
      – A list of the samples and their unique identifying numbers
      – The sampling date
      – The turnaround time required
      – Air flow rate and sample time data
  2. Pack your mold samples in a shipping package to protect them from damage. We recommend shipping samples in a corrugated cardboard box and using packing material such as bubble wrap to prevent the samples from rattling around.

  3. Ship the box of samples to a mold laboratory location of your choice. We advise using a shipping company that offers package tracking.

NOTE: If you do not have a MoldREPORT™ account, please complete and submit a New Client form.

After the mold analysis is completed, you will receive your lab report via email within your requested turnaround time (TAT).

Questions? Please contact us phone at (800) 224-1527.


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