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MoldREPORT™ – The Mold Lab Report Homeowners Ask for by Name!

We developed an easy-to-understand lab report for your mold inspections. In fact, we designed MoldREPORT™ specifically for mold inspectors to easily send to their clients, saving you valuable time! MoldREPORT™ makes it convenient and cost-effective to communicate your mold testing results to your clients.

That's why mold inspectors nationwide use MoldREPORT™. Check out our mold lab reports and see the difference.

MoldREPORT™ Features:

  • Developed by top IAQ professionals with more than 30 years IAQ experience

  • #1 Rated turn-key interpretive lab report

  • "Clears the fog" for your clients

  • Helps mold inspectors answer the question: "Is there a mold problem here?"

  • Cost effective mold lab report with fast turnaround time

  • No data manipulation required by mold inspector

  • Electronic lab report format

IAQA - Indoor Air Quality Association ACAC - American Council for Accredited Certification MICRO - Mold Inspection Consulting and Remediation Organization ASHI - American Society of Home Inspectors NAHI - National Association of Home Inspectors CREIA - California Real Estate Inspection Association ITA - Inspection Training Associates NAMM - National Association for Moisture Management


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